Table 2Function/localization of mitotic checkpoint components

BUB1S/T kinasenucleus / kinetochore
BUB2GAP (GTPase activating protein)dSPB
BUB3?nucleus / kinetochore
CDC14Phosphoprotein phosphatasenucleolus / nucleus
CDC15S/T kinasedSPB/bud neck
CDC20APC specificity factorkinetochores / SPB / spindle
CDC5S/T kinaseSPB
CDH1APC specificity factor?
DBF2S/T kinaseSPB / bud neck
DBF20S/T kinasenucleus
ESP1Separinnucleus / spindle
LTE1GEF (GDP / GTP exchange factor)bud
MAD2Cdc20 inhibitorkinetochores / SPB
MAD3?nucleus / kinetochore
MPS1S/T kinase?
NET1sequesters Cdc14nucleolus
PDS1sequesters ESP1; securinnucleus / spindle
SIC1B-type cyclin / Cdk Inhibitor?
TEM1GTP binding memebr of RAS superfamilydSPB

denotes essential gene in S. cerevisiae. dSPB denotes daughter-bound spindle pole body.

S/T kinase denotes serine/threonine protein kinase.

From: DNA Damage-Independent Checkpoints from Yeast to Man

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