Table 3Partial list of genes identified as trans-represented by p53 through microarray analyses

Accession NumberGene SymbolDescriptionFunction
M25753Cyclin B1CyclinCell Cycle
X59798Cyclin D1CyclinCell Cycle
M74903Cyclin ECyclinCell Cycle
A1932735Cyclin B2CyclinCell Cycle
NM_001759Cyclin D2CyclinCell Cycle
X51688Cyclin ACyclinCell Cycle
U79269CDK4Cyclin Dependent Kinase4Cell Cycle
M68520CDK2Cyclin Dependent Kinase2Cell Cycle
X05360DCK1Cyclin Dependent Kinase1Cell Cycle
J04088TOPO-IIAlphaTopoisomerase II AlphaDNA Replication
U15642E2F-TF5E2F Transcription Factor 5Cell Cycle
L11370Protocadherin-1Cell to Cell Adhesion and CommunicationExtracellular Matrix
M34065CDC25C PhosphataseTyrosine Protein PhosphataseSignal Transduction
U01038PLKPolo/cdc5 like KinaseCell Cycle
U70310XRCC9DNA post-replication repair and cell cycle checkpoint controlDNA Repair/Replication
L33264PISSLRECdc2 related protein kinaseCell Cycle
NM007610Caspase 2Apoptosis related Cysteine ProteaseApoptosis
NM009810Caspase 3Apoptosis related Cyestine ProteaseApoptosis
AB019600Caspase 9Apoptosis related Cyestine ProteaseApoptosis
M87339RFC4Replication Factor 4DNA Repair/Replication
U45878MIHBInhibitor of Apoptosis Protein 1Apoptosis
U37546MIHCInhibitor of Apoptosis Protein 2Apoptosis
S78085PDCD2Programmed Cell Death 2 GeneApoptosis
L78833BRCA-1Breast Cancer 1Cell Cycle
U77949Cdc6Cdc6-related proteinCell Cycle
M72885GOS2Putative G0/G1 switch geneCell Cycle
U80017BTF2Basic Transcription Factor 2Transcription

From: p53's Dilemma in Transcription: Analysis by Microarrays

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