Gene Expression

Stochastic Gene Expression: Dominance, Thresholds and Boundaries

Biological Consequences of Dosage Dependent Gene Regulation in Multicellular Eukaryotes

GAGA: Structural Basis for Single Cys2His2 Zinc Finger-DNA Interaction

Identification of Mammalian E2F Regulatory Networks Using DNA Microarray Hybridization Analyses

Homing Endonuclease I-TevI: An Atypical Zinc Finger with a Novel Function

A Novel Test Statistic for the Identification of Local Selective Sweeps Based on Microsatellite Gene Diversity

Periodic Selection and Ecological Diversity in Bacteria

LIM Domain and Its Binding to Target Proteins

Inferring Evolutionary History through Inter- and Intraspecific DNA Sequence Comparison: The Drosophila janus and ocnus Genes

Selective Sweep in the Evolution of a New Sperm-Specific Gene in Drosophila

The Superfamily of SCAN Domain Containing Zinc Finger Transcription Factors

Putative Roles of kin17, a Mammalian Protein Binding Curved DNA, in Transcription

CtBP Family Proteins: Unique Transcriptional Regulators in the Nucleus with Diverse Cytosolic Functions

A Zinc Ribbon Motif Is Essential for the Formation of Functional Tetrameric Protein Kinase CK2

Rapid Evolution of Sex-related Genes: Sexual Conflict or Sex-specific Adaptations?

Repression of Transcription by Curved DNA and Nucleoid Protein H-NS: A Mode of Bacterial Gene Regulation

Curved DNA and Transcription in Eukaryotes

PNA and Oligonucleotide Inhibitors of Human Telomerase

Possible Roles of DNA Supercoiling in Transcription

MDM2: RING Finger Protein and Regulator of p53

Gene Regulatory Networks

Do DNA Triple Helices or Quadruplexes Have a Role in Transcription?

The Biology of Telomeres in Hypotrichous Ciliates

Scaling Laws in the Functional Content of Genomes: Fundamental Constants of Evolution?

Regulation of Cardiomyocyte Proliferation and Apoptosis

Cell Cycle Reactivation in Skeletal Muscle and Other Terminally Differentiated Cells

The Role of Unusual DNA Structures in Chromatin Organization for Transcription

Molecular Mechanisms of Male Sex Determination: The Enigma of SRY

DNA: Alternative Conformations and Biology

Curved DNA and Prokaryotic Promoters: A Mechanism for Activation of Transcription

Scale-Free Evolution: From Proteins to Organisms

Bioinformatics: Mystery, Astrology or Service Technology?

Extracting Information for Meaningful Function Inference Through Text-Mining

Microarrays and Gene Regulation Networks in Yeast

Transcriptional Repression by the CtBP Corepressor in Drosophila

Structural Determinants of CtBP Function

Analytical Evolutionary Model for Protein Fold Occurrence in Genomes, Accounting for the Effects of Gene Duplication, Deletion, Acquisition and Selective Pressure

Power Law Correlations in DNA Sequences

Transcriptional Networks in Mammalian Gene Regulation

DNA Primer Extension by Telomerase

Transcriptional Profiling of the Hepatic Growth Response

Expression of Hox Genes in the Nervous System of Vertebrates

Telomeres: Guardians of Genomic Integrity or Double Agents of Evolution?

Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres in Mammalian Cells

Evolution of Telomere Binding Proteins

Drosophila Telomeres: A Variation on the Telomerase Theme

Telomerase Activity as a Marker of Tumor Cell Survival to Evaluate Sensitivity of Neoplastic Cells to Cancer Treatment

Myotonic Dystrophy: Discussion of Molecular Basis

Roles for TERT and Telomerase in Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis

Molecular Mechanisms of TRS Instability

Yeast Telomerases: Structure, Mechanisms and Regulation

The Significance of Quantitative Evaluation of Telomerase Activity and hTERT mRNA Expression in Colorectal Cancers

Human, Mouse and Yeast Telomerase

Telomerase in Mesothelioma: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Telomerase Activity in Neuroblastomas: A New Molecular Marker for Treatment Stratification and Prognostic Grouping

Telomerase and Radiosensitivity of Human Tumors