Figure 6. ø29 DNA-gp3 packaging model.

Figure 6

ø29 DNA-gp3 packaging model. A) gp3 covalently bound at the left end (gray dot) loops and forms a lariat by interaction with DNA, gp16 binds at the lariat loop junction (dotted circle), and gp3-gp16 produce a supercoiled packaging substrate (Grimes and Anderson, 1997); B) Supercoiled DNA wraps around the connector of the prohead; C) The left DNA end is freed and binds the connector; D) DNA is released from the outside of the connector; and E) DNA is packaged as the connector expands, contracts and rotates with the aid of ATP hydrolysis (see fig. 7). The pRNA and gp16 components of the motor are not shown. Reprinted with permission from: Grimes S, Jardine PJ, Anderson D. Adv Virus Res 2002; 58:255-294. © Harcourt Press, Inc.

From: The ø29 DNA Packaging Motor: Seeking the Mechanism

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