Table 1Subunit composition and function of Ca2+ channel types1

Ca2+ ChannelCa2+ Current TypePrimary LocalisationPrevious Name of α1 SubunitSpecific BlockerFunctions
Cav1.1LSkeletal muscleα1S DHPsExcitation-concentration coupling, Calcium homeostasis
Cav1.2LCardiac muscle Endocrine cells Neuronsα1C DHPsExcitation-concentration coupling, Hormone secretion
Cav1.3LEndocrine cells Neuronsα1D DHPsHormone secreation, Gene regulation
Cav1.4LRetinaα1F Tonic neurotransmitter release
Cav2.1P/QNerve terminals Dendritesα1A ω-AgatoxinNeurotransmitter release Dendritic Ca2+ transients
Cav2.2NNerve terminals Dendritesα1B ω-GVIANeurotransmitter release Dendritic Ca2+ transients
Cav2.3RCell bodies Dendrites Nerve terminalsα1E SNX-482Ca2+-dependent action potentials
Cav3.1TCardic muscle Skeletal muscle Neuronsα1G NoneRepetitive firing
Cav3.2TCardic muscle Neuronsα1H NoneRepetitive firing
Cav3.3TNeuronsα1I NoneRepetitive firing

From: Block of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels by Peptide Toxins

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