Table 1Mycobacterial antigens protecting against tuberculosis when applied as prophylactic vaccine

Antigen ORF Designationa Sourceb Function/CharacteristicAnimal ModelImmune Responsesc Challenge Organism / RouteProtectione (relative protection values) Ref
A. Secreted proteins:
Ag85ARv3804cMTf Fibronectin-binding, mycocyl transferaseMouseCD4/CTL/IFNMT/air/iv/in0.55 to 1.0[18,28-30,139]
    Guinea pigNTMT/airProlonged survival: 181 d. vs. 119 d (control)[31]
    CattleNo responsesNTNT[32]
Ag85BRv1886cMTas aboveMouseCD4/CTL/IFNBCG/ivBCG: 1.0[29]
      MT/airMT: 0.63[40]
ESAT-6Rv3875MTunknownMouseCD4/CTL/IFNMT/air/iv/ipNo protection to 0.72 [22-24,40,140]
MPB83/ MPT83 Rv2873MT/MBlipoprotein/glycoproteinMouseNTMT/air MT: 0.36[22]
      MB/ivMB: 1.30[53]
    Guinea pigNTMT/airReduction in pathology[54]
    CattleCD4, 3H (IFN) MB/it No protection [32]
PstS-1/ 38 kDa Rv0934MTphosphate transporterMouseCD4, CTL, IFNMT/ ip,iv,airNo protection to 0.64[20,30]
PstS-3Rv0928MTphosphate transporterMouseIFNMT/iv0.63 to 0.74 [30]
MPT64Rv1980cMTunknownMouseCD4, CTL, IFNMT/air0.50 to 0.55[22,23,40]
MPT32/ ApaRv1860MT glycoproteinMouse BCG/iv 0.47 (spleen)[43]
    Cattle MT/airNone[22]
      MB/itNo protectiong  
MPT63Rv1926cMTunknownMouse MT/air0.40 [22]
Mtb8.4Rv1174cMTunknownMouseCTL, IFNMT/iv1.12[141]
B. Heat-shock proteins:
HSP65ML0381MLchaperoneMouseCD4/CTL/IFNMT/ip0.67 to 1.0[19,24]
    CattleIFN MB/it No protectiong  
HSP65Rv3417cMTchaperoneMouseIFNMT/inNo protection[25]
    Guinea pigNTMT/airNo protection[25]
HSP70Rv0350MTchaperoneMouse MT/ip0.40[24]
    Cattle MB/itNo protectiong  
C. Other proteins:
KatGRv1908cMTcytoplasmic enzymeMouseIFNMT/air 0.61[22,23]
MTB39Rv1196MTPE/PPEMouse  MT/air0.61[142]

aORF designations of M. tuberculosis genes according to ref. 62. M. leprae genes according to ref. 63

bMycobacterial species from which vaccine antigens have been derived.

cProminent immune response described. CD4: Responses of CD4T cells; CTL: cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses; 3H: proliferative responses; IFN: IFN-γ responses.

d Routes: air: aerosol; iv: intravenous; ip: intraperitoneal; in: intranasal, it: intratracheal.

e If not specifically mentioned, lung responses are given as relative protection values compared to BCG (vaccine-induced lung protection/BCG-induced protection, i.e., relative protection for BCG = 1.0) . Lowest and highest protective efficacies are shown if several references were consulted.

fMycobacterial species: MT: M. tuberculosis; MB: M. bovis; ML: M. leprae.

gVordermeier, Hewinson and Buddle, unpublished data. CFU, colony-forming units; NT, not tested.

From: DNA Vaccines against Bacterial Pathogens

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