Table 1Presence and expression of BKV DNA in human tumors, tumor cell lines and normal tissues

Tissues and Cell LinesBKV DNA-Positive Samples/Samples Analyzed (%)BKV RNA-Positive Samples/Samples AnalyzedMethoda References
Primary Tumors
Brain tumors19/74 (26)SBH116
Brain tumors11/24 (46)SBH120
Brain tumors0/75PCR132
Brain tumors50/58 (86)PCR37
Brain tumors74/83 (89)PCR38
Brain tumors0/10PCR133
Neuroblastoma18/18 (100)PCR121
Bone tumors11/25 (44)8/11PCR, RT-PCR37
MED and PNETb 0/20PCR135
Insulinomas4/9 (44)SBH116
Hodgkin's diseases0/5PCR133
ALLc 0/15PCR134
Kaposi's sarcoma4/20 (20)SBH1-3
Kaposi's sarcoma38/38 (100)PCR127
Kaposi's sarcoma0/2PCR133
Urinary tract tumors31/52 (60)PCR26, 123
Urinary tract tumors0/15PCR133
Genital tumors32/42 (76)PCR26, 127
Cell lines from
Brain tumors8/10 (80)5/5PCR, RT-PCR37
Brain tumors21/26 (81)PCR38
MED and PNET0/2PCR135
Bone tumors20/20 (100)6/8PCR, RT-PCR37
Kaposi's sarcoma6/8 (75)PCR127
Kaposi's sarcoma0/14PCR133
Normal tissues
Brain13/13 (100)PCR37
Bone2/5 (40)2/2PCR, RT-PCR37
Urinary tract15/26 (58)PCR26, 123
Adrenal gland0/5PCR121
Genital tissues28/39 (72)PCR26, 127
PBMCd 25/35 (71)8/8PCR, RT-PCR37
PBMC53/79 (76)PCR38
Lymph nodes4/4 (100)PCR127
Skin25/33 (76)PCR127
Sperm18/20 (90)PCR38
Sperm18/19 (95)PCR127

aSBH: Southern blot hybridization; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RT-PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR; bMED and PNET, medulloblastoma and primitive neuroectodermal tumor; cALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; dPBMC, peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy blood donors.

From: BK Virus, JC Virus and Simian Virus 40 Infection in Humans, and Association with Human Tumors

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