Table 3Mechanisms following stimulation of humoral and cellular defense

Effector CellCytotoxic EffectSecondary Cellular ActivationCytokin-Activated Cell
MacrophageDirect cell-mediatedTNF alphaMacrophage
NK cellSurface-TNF(LAK cell)
LAK cellPerforinesIFN gammaMacrophage
GranulocyteCytokin-mediated(LAK cell)
Mast cellTNF alphaIL-1T- cell
Mast cellLT (TNF beta)(LAK cell)
Mast cellIL-1IL-2LAK cell, NK- cell
Mast cellIFN- gamma
Mast cellLRIL-4LAK cell
Mast cellNKCFLRNK- cell
Mast cellCSFsbone marrow

Abbreviations: CSFs = colony stimulating factor; IFN gamma = interferon gamma; IL = interleukin; LAK = lymphokine-activated killer cell; LR = leukoregulin; LT = lymphotoxin; NK = natural killer cell; NKCF = natural killer cell cytotoxic factor; TIL = tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte; TNF = tumor necrosis factor.

From: Fever, Pyrogens and Cancer

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