Table 5Clinical trials on intraperitoneal hyperthermic perfusion chemotherapy

Authors (Year) [Ref. No.]No. of PatientsCancer Indications (Peritoneal Carcinomatosis)Year When Measured%
Fujimoto et al, 199122 61Refractory Gastric264 vs 17
Sugarbaker et al, 199525 181CRC/Appendiceal399 (G I)
3 65 (G II)
3 66 (GIII)
3 20 (G IV)
Sugarbaker et al, 199838 572Appendix (n=400)383
Colorectal (n=45)341
Gastric IV (n=13)331
Sarcomatosis (n=50)343
Mesothhelioma etc. (n=48)327
Malignant Ascites (n=16)30
Fujimoto et al, 199923 141Advanced Gastric476 vs 58
Fujimura et al, 199939 14Peritoneal Carcinomatosis322
Beaujard et al, 200040 27Peritoneal Carcinomatosis150
Cavaliere et al, 200041 35Peritoneal Carcinomatosis255*
Pestiau and Sugarbaker, 200042 104Colon329
Loggie et al, 200043 79Appendix (n=22)352
Stomach (n=19)314
Large Intestine (n=38)324
Hager et al, 200144 36Ovarian535
Elias et al, 200145 64Colorectal527**
Witkam et al, 200146 29Colorectal323
Culliford et al, 200147 54Colon/Appendiceal528*
Deraco et al, 200124 27Ovarian255
Verwaalr et al, 200248 48Colorectal263
Glehen et al, 200329 56Peritoneal Carcinomatosis279 (R0)
45 (R2)
Shen et al, 200349 40Gastrointestinal325
Scuderi S et al, 200350 132Pseudomyxoma peritonei520 NED
Rossi et al, 200351 13Gastric171
Pilati et al, 200352 34Colon231
Elias and Pocard, 200353 34Colorectal365**
Cavaliere et al, 200354 69Colorectal445**
Rossi et al, 200455 29Sarcomatosis537
Glehen et al, 200456 506Colorectal243 vs 16
Summaryn = 2311

*Appendiceal malignancies included; **Complete cytoreductive surgery. Abbreviations: NED: no evidence of disease; REC: recurrence; vs: versus; R: residual.

From: Intracavitary Hyperthermic Perfusion

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