FIGURE G-1. National TV news coverage of leading health issues.

FIGURE G-1National TV news coverage of leading health issues

SOURCE: See Footnote 1.

Media attention to leading health issues from 1980 to 2004 was assessed as the number of stories published/broadcast that mentioned four major health topics: cardiovascular disease, tobacco-related cancer, obesity, and HIV/AIDS. The print, television, and online media environment was assessed using LexisNexis, Vanderbilt University’s TV News Archive, Ethnic NewsWatch, and Google. The following search terms were entered into each of these databases/archives: cardiovascular disease or heart disease, tobacco or smoking and cancer, obesity, and HIV or human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Using LexisNexis, almost 300 publications under the U.S. News category were searched. Vanderbilt University’s TV News Archive was used to search news coverage of the health issues on the four major U.S. national broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN). Ethnic NewsWatch provided information on coverage of health issues in almost 300 English- and Spanish-language ethnic newspapers, magazines, and journals. The search terms were also entered into Google to assess the number of Internet web pages that mention the four major health issues.

From: G, Public Communications and Its Role in Reducing and Eliminating Health Disparities

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