Table 26Outcomes of interventions for children at risk for diagnosis of ASDs

Author, year, country
Groups, N enrollment/N final
Study quality
Age, mean (mo) ± SD
Diagnostic category, N (%)
Key outcomes
Dawson et al.290 2010, US

G1: ESDM, 24/24
G2: Community-based interventions, 24/21

Quality: Good
Intake: 38
Followup: 52

Autism: 39 (75)
PDD-NOS: 9 (17)
1 yr outcomes:
  • Significantly greater improvement in IQ for ESDM (154 vs. 22 pts) than community-based.
  • No adaptive behavior differences.
2 yr outcomes:
  • Significantly more improvement in ESDM group vs. community-based on IQ; receptive language, and expressive language.
  • Adaptive behavior improvements in both groups (all domains except socialization); significantly greater improvements in ESDM group.
  • No change in ADOS severity scores or repetitive behavior.
  • Diagnostic shift toward milder diagnosis (PDD- NOS) greater for ESDM group.
McConachie et al.295 2005, UK

G1: More than Words (MW), 26/26
G1a: MW, participants with autism dx, 17/17
G1b: MW, participants with PDD- NOS or other childhood developmental disorder, 9/9
G2: Wait list control, 21/21
G2a: Wait list control, participants with autism dx, 12/12
G2b: Wait list control: participants with PDD-NOS or other childhood developmental disorder, 13/13
Quality: Fair
G1: 38.12 (6.54)
G2: 34.96 (6.68)

Autism: 17 (65)
NCA: 9 (35)
Autism: 12 (48)
NCA: 13 (52)
  • Reported language use was substantially higher for G2 with both the core autism (on average 50 words) and NCA groups demonstrating improvements.
  • No group differences were found for ADOS scores or behavior issues.

ADOS=Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, dx=diagnosis; ESDM=Early Start Denver Model, G=group; IQ=intelligence quotient; mo=months; MW=More than Words; NCA=non core autism

From: Results

Cover of Therapies for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Therapies for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 26.
Warren Z, Veenstra-VanderWeele J, Stone W, et al.

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