Table 6Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Study population
Publication languages
Children ages 2–12 with ASDs or ages 0–2 at risk for diagnosis of an ASD
English only
Admissible evidence (study design and other criteria) Admissible designs
RCTs, prospective and retrospective cohort studies, non randomized controlled trials, case-control studies, and case series
Other criteria
Original research studies providing sufficient detail regarding methods and results to enable use and aggregation of the data and results
Studies must have relevant population & ≥ 10 participants with ASDs for behavioral, educational, CAM, and allied health studies and ≥ 30 participants with ASDs for medical studies
Studies must address one or more of the following for ASDs:
 Treatment modality
 Predictors of treatment outcomes
 Generalization of treatment outcomes to other contexts
 Drivers of treatment outcomes
 Treatment approaches for children 0–2 at risk for an ASD diagnosis
Relevant outcomes must be able to be abstracted from data in the papers

ASDs=autism spectrum disorders; CAM=complementary and alternative medicine; RCT=randomized controlled trial

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