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Table 5Search Strings and Databases Employed in the Prior Art Search

Search StringDatabaseNo. of References Found
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”SciFinder148
“streptokinase expression inhibition”SciFinder3
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”Reaxys0
“streptokinase expression inhibition”Reaxys0
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”USPTO PatFT0
“streptokinase expression inhibition”USPTO PatFT0
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”USPTO AppFT0
“streptokinase expression inhibition”USPTO AppFT0
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”WIPO0
“streptokinase expression inhibition”WIPO0
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”PubChem Bioassay0
“streptokinase expression inhibition”PubChem Bioassay8
“Inhibitor of streptokinase expression”PubMed5
“streptokinase expression inhibition”PubMed12

From: Identification of small molecules that selectively inhibit streptokinase expression without suppression of viability in Group A streptococci - Probe 3

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