Table 18Model Recalibration/Remodeling Performance Characteristics (Europe)

Cohort AbbreviationCohort OutcomeModel NameGroup NameAUCAUC VarianceHosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-FitO/E Ratio
QRESEARCHCVD1FRS (1991) NICE Recal35$Men0.780.78-0.78
Cardiff DMCVD2FRS (1991) Cardiff DM85#Men0.65
BRHSCHD MortalityFRS (1991) BRHS88$Men3.40.91
BRHSTotal CHD1FRS (1991) BRHS88$Men24.6<0.01
EPIC-NorfolkTotal CHD1FRS (1998) EPIC36#Men0.720.70-0.75
VERIFICATotal CHD1FRS (1998) REGICOR VERIFICA58#Men0.695.10.081.26
VERIFICATotal CHD1FRS (1998) REGICOR VERIFICA58#Patients w/Diabetes1.40.99
CUOREHard CHD2FRS (1998 TC) D'Ag CUORE76#Men0.720.67-0.7827.1<0.010.78
CUOREHard CHD2FRS (1998 TC) Chb CUORE76#Men0.720.67-0.7819.90.011.01
CUOREHard CHD2PROCAM (Cox) D'Ag CUORE76#Men0.740.68-0.79220.0<0.010.34
CUOREHard CHD2PROCAM (Cox) Chb CUORE76#Men0.740.68-0.7953.0<0.011.01

Note: If the cohort and model outcomes match, only one outcome is listed; otherwise both are listed.


indicates remodeling based upon the preceding cohort;


Indicates recalibrated based upon the preceding cohort.

From: 3, Results

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