Table 6bData Sources Summary (External Validation) – Europe

Study Yr PubEnroll StartEnroll EndStudy 1st AuthorCountryCohortCohort AbbrevEnrollment BaseEnrollment FinalFollow Up (yrs)
2004Lindman AS71FranceConsecutive renal transplant patients3446 [1.17] (mean)
20051/1/197212/31/1976Scheltens T77ScotlandRenfrew and Paisley Study1230410 (other)
20071/1/197412/31/1988Silventoinen K78NorwayNorwegian Counties Study (ages 40-59)NCS49144
20051/1/19787/31/1980Simons LA56UKBritish Regional Heart Study, men ages 40-59BRHS5128507721.3 (mean)
20031/1/197812/31/1980Simons LA56UKBritish Regional Heart Study; men aged 40-59 years at study entry, randomly selected from registers of one general practice in each townBRHS664312 (other)
20071/1/1979Vliegenthart R79Germanyin men at work in public authorities and large companies in the region of Munster, Germany4818
20031/1/197912/31/1985Empana JP80GermanyPROCAM cohort, drawn from 52 companies and local government authoritiesPROCAM8682
20031/1/198412/31/1990Empana JP80GermanyMONICA Augsburg cohort, 1984/1985 and 1989/1990 surveysMONICA-Augsburg57867.8 (median)
20041/1/198412/31/1995Milne R81GermanyMen randomly selected from the general population in 1984-5, 1989-90, and 1994-534356.6 (mean)
20051/1/198512/31/1991Wang Z82AustriaVorarlberg Health Monitoring and Promotion Program (VHM&PP) cohort of individuals undergoing general health examinations in Vorarlberg provinceVHM&PP4464910 (other)
20071/1/198512/31/1994Donnan PT39NorwayCardiovascular Program in Norway (Ages 60-69)CP-Norway808510
20081/1/198712/31/1992Bhopal R83NetherlandsParticipants randomly selected from 3 cities in the Netherlands, aged 20-59 and free from CVD, Monitoring Project on Cardiovascular Disease Risk FactorsMP-CVDRF3971910 (other)
20051/1/198712/31/1997Koller MT84FinlandIndividuals aged 25-65 years identified from Finnish population register and participating in 3 cross-sectional risk factor surveys in Finland in 1987, 1992, and 1997177259.9 (median)
20031/1/1988Hippisley-Cox JC34AustraliaDubbo Study cohort of elderly Australians (Ages 60-79)DUBBO2102
20031/1/1988Hippisley-Cox JC62AustraliaDubbo Study cohort of elderly Australians (Ages 60-79) without DiabetesDUBBO (No DM)1800
20051/1/199012/31/1993McEwan P85NetherlandsRotterdam Coronary Calcification StudyRCC17953.3 [0.8] (mean)
20031/1/199112/31/1993Guzder RN86FrancePRIME cohort studyPRIME73595 (other)
20031/1/199112/31/1993Becker A87Northern IrelandPRIME cohort study (Belfast Cohort)PRIME23995 (other)
20031/1/199212/31/1993Elkeles RS88New ZealandIndividuals recruited from the workforce ofa nationwide multi-industry corporation (Fletcher Challenge Ltd 72%) and the general electoral rolls of the Auckland metropolitan region (28%)63545 (other)
20051/1/199212/31/1995Lindman AS71AustraliaAboriginal community687
20061/1/199312/31/1998Scheltens T77UKIndividuals with diabetes receiving care in SalfordDARTS65443472
20054/1/199310/31/1994Silventoinen K78UKNewcastle Heart Project: EuropeansNHP Europe7259.6 (median)
200712/31/19931/1/2006Simons LA56NetherlandsRotterdam Study679512.9 (median)
20081/1/1995Simons LA56UKQRESEARCHQRESEARCH60773312 (other)
20081/1/19953/31/2006Vliegenthart R79UKTHIN Cohort; data from 288 practices in the UK using the INPS Vision system (~20% of UK practices); including 24 practices (54709 patients) from Scotland and 14 practices (36904) from Northern IrelandTHIN107280011 (other)
20041/1/199612/31/1996Empana JP80UKCardiff Diabetes Database (type 1 and type 2)9384 (other)
20055/1/19966/30/1998Empana JP80UKPoole Diabetes StudyPDS4284.2 [0.62] (median)
20081/1/19984/3/1999Milne R81GermanyMunichMunichDM7168.1 [1.1] (mean)
200811/1/200011/30/2003Wang Z82UKIndividuals with type 2 diabetes aged 50-75 years, recruited from outpatient clinics in Central and West LondonPREDICT5894 (median)

From: Appendix I, Summary Table 6

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