Table 16Amoxicillin-Clavulanate (7–10 Days) vs. Azithromycin (≤5 Days); Outcome Indicator: Treatment Success Rate (Excluding Pestalozza 1992 Study)

Author, YearAgeDefinition of outcomeAmox-clav

Sample Size
Azithromycin Sample SizeAmox-clav Success Rate (%)Azithromycin Success Rate (%)Rate Difference In %95% CI of Rate Difference In %
Random effects estimates86.093686.986.31.7−3.3, 6.7
Test of heterogeneity Chi-square test value23.8
Test of heterogeneity Chi-square test p-value<0.001
Test of heterogeneity I-squared70.6%
Test of publication bias, Egger’s asymmetry test p-value0.85
Daniel, 19931162–8 yrsSuccess at day 10–1254103100., 11.1
Schaad, 19931176 mos–10.2 yrsSuccess at day 7–2018919297.493.83.6−0.5, 7.7
Principi, 19951186 mos–12 yrsSuccess at day 10–1419821573.285.1−11.9−19.7, −4.1
Arguedas, 19961196 mos–12 yrsSuccess at day 10–11454795.6100.0−4.4−11.6, 2.7
Dagan, 200076 mos–9 yrsSuccess at day 12–14707385.769.915.92.5, 29.2
Dunne, 2003706 mos–12 yrsSuccess at day 1018118587.882.75.1−2.1, 12.4
Guven, 2006526 mos–12 yrsSuccess at day 11–13849081.077.83.2−8.8, 15.2
Biner, 2007716 mos–10 yrsSuccess at day 3393187.287.10.1−15.7, 15.9

From: 3, Results

Cover of Management of Acute Otitis Media: Update
Management of Acute Otitis Media: Update.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 198.
Shekelle PG, Takata G, Newberry SJ, et al.

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