Table 6Health IT integrated with the health IT being studied

Integrated Health ITPOCDAMER
EHR/EMR system120115153913
CPOE/POE system580171202
Hospital information system544391311
Laboratory system493132710
Imaging systems22213710
Billing/administration system8001400
Personal healtd records systems1000200
Patient decision support system0000100
Barcoding system2010000
Not specified32446800

Note some studies cross more than one phase and integrated with more than one technology. See Appendix C, Evidence Table 21 for references to the included articles in each cell.

Column Headings: P = Prescribing, OC = Order Communication, D = Dispensing, A = Administering, M = Monitoring, E = Education, R = Reconciliation

EHR = electronic health records system, EMR = electronic medical records system, CDSS = Clinical decision support system, CPOE = Computerized provider order entry, POE = Provider order entry

From: Results

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Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology.
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