Figure 4 is a line graph depicting the number of included articles published (on the y-axis) ranging from 0–50, by the year of publication (along the x-axis) from the mid-1970s to June 2010 for each of the five MM phases. Each phase is represented by a different line. Prior to 1990 each of the 5 lines are at about 1–2 articles; from 1990–2000 they tend to be below 5 articles/year. From 2000–2005, dispensing, order communication and administering are still maintained at fewer than 5 articles/year. In 2006 these three spike to 8–10 articles. The number of prescribing articles increased from under 10 in the early 2000’s to 50 in 2009. The number of monitoring articles also saw an increase to closer to 10 articles per year in the 2000’s. Overall, most publications across the medication management phases are published increasingly after 2000.

Figure 4Trends in publication of articles relating to the phases of medication management across years until searching was completed in June 2010

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Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology.
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McKibbon KA, Lokker C, Handler SM, et al.

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