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McKibbon KA, Lokker C, Handler SM, et al. Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2011 Apr. (Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 201.)

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Enabling Medication Management Through Health Information Technology.

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The research team would like to thank those who helped with screening, abstracting, and article retrievals: Danika Walden, Nathan McKibbon, Catherine Salmon, Jan Burke-Gaffney, Connie Freeborn, Jamie O’Donnell, Rizwan Bhaloo, Bryan Cheeseman, Hafsa Jan Qureshi, and Pouyan Ahangar. We would like to offer special thanks to Mary Gauld, Maureen Rice, and Roxanne Cheeseman for assistance and guidance with project management and editorial help. The project would not be complete without their wisdom, experience, good will, and sense of humor. Further thanks to Dr. Chris Gibbons and Dr. Paul Gorman who provided insights into their work on previous AHRQ evidence reports at the start of this project. We acknowledge the hard work of Nicholas Hobson, our computer programmer, for creating our evolving systematic review management software. The report is stronger and more focused because of the continued expert guidance of Rebecca Roper of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as our Task Order Officer (TOO). Our Technical Expert Panel provided valuable insights and challenges as well as ways to meet them.

Our technical experts were David Bates, Doug Bell, Ken Boockvar, Chris Gibbons, Joy Grossman, Jerry Gurwitz, Joe Hanlon, Kevin Johnson, John Poikonen, Gordon Schiff, Bimla Schwarz, and Dennis Tribble. Their contact information is included in Appendix D. They represent a broad range of expertise and experience and the report is stronger because of them. Another group of experts who have been extremely helpful at improving the analyses of our data were our technical reviewers. Some of those who reviewed our first draft were members of the Technical Expert Panel: Joy Grossman, Joe Hanlon, Kevin Johnson, Bimla Schwartz, John Poikonen, Dennis Tribble, and our TOO Rebecca Roper. Other expert reviewers were Anne Bobb, Elizabeth Chrischilles, Alan Flynn, and Kevin Marvin. Their contact information is also in Appendix D.

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