FIGURE 9.4. GG neurons contain ciliary processes.


GG neurons contain ciliary processes. (A) A scanning EM micrograph shows a GG coronal section. Clusters of GG cells (GC) are located along the nasal septum (Se) underneath the keratinized epithelium (KE). NC, nasal cavity. Square detailed in (B). (B) An enlarged view of the GG cells in a fibroblast meshwork (Fb). Square detailed in (C). (C) A GG cell with its axon (arrowhead) and thin ciliary processes (arrows). Scale bar=20 μm in (A, B) and 5 μm in (C). (Adapted from Brechbuhl J., Klaey M., and Broillet M.C., Science, 321, 1092–95, 2008. With permission from AAAS.)

From: Chapter 9, Multiple Olfactory Subsystems Convey Various Sensory Signals

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