Our knowledge of the neurobiology of olfaction has increased over the past few years, urging the publication of an up-to-date book on the subject. In this book, authors from some of the best laboratories around the world present a survey of the current status of knowledge and research about olfaction. The book is highly interdisciplinary, covering contents from genetics to behavior and from nematodes to humans. It includes chapters about odor coding from odorant receptors to cortical centers, development, and neurogenesis, highlighting common principles in different species. Each chapter provides an overview of a topic with an emphasis on the most recent discoveries and an exhaustive list of references of reviews and original articles for students or scientists interested in further readings.

The new knowledge about olfaction has been obtained employing several techniques, for which the reader is referred to the relevant chapters in the previously published book, Methods in Chemosensory Research (Eds. Simon and Nicolelis).

I wish to especially thank Sid Simon for inviting me to embark on the interesting but also troublesome adventure of preparing this volume. I am particularly grateful to Manuela Schipizza-Lough, who enthusiastically contributed to the precise completion of this work, and I am indebted to Andrea Tomicich for professionally solving several technical problems.

Finally, a special thanks to John W. Moore for his continuous encouragement and support along my scientific career.

Anna Menini

Trieste, Italy