TABLE 7.1Summary of Magnetic Field Effects

EffectField Strength at Which Effects Occur (G)
Effects on sensitive equipment such as electron microscopes, image intensifiers, and nuclear cameras1
Disturbance of cathode ray tubes; possible detrimental effects on medical equipment, such as pacemakers, implants, surgical clips, or neurostimulators5
Erasure of credit card and bank cards; disruption of small mechanical devices, such as analog watches and clocks; and disturbance of X-ray tubes10
Destruction or corruption of magnetic storage material20
Saturation of transformers and amplifiers50

SOURCE: Adapted from Site Planning Guide for Superconducting NMR Systems (Bruker BioSpin GmbH, 2008b) and General Safety Considerations for the Installation and Operation of Superconducting Magnet Systems (Bruker BioSpin GmbH, 2008a).

From: 7, Working with Laboratory Equipment

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