TABLE 4.7Functional Groups in Some Explosive Compounds

Structural FeatureCompound
Image ch4fu2.jpg
Acetylenic compounds
Image ch4fu3.jpg
Metal acetylides
Image ch4fu4.jpg
Haloacetylene derivatives
Image ch4fu5.jpg
Image ch4fu6.jpg
Diazo compounds
Image ch4fu7.jpg
Nitroso compounds
Image ch4fu8.jpg
Nitroalkanes, C-nitro and polynitroaryl compounds
Image ch4fu9.jpg
Polynitroalkyl compounds
Image ch4fu10.jpg
Acyl or alkyl nitrites
Image ch4fu11.jpg
Acyl or alkyl nitrates
Image ch4fu12.jpg
Image ch4fu13.jpg
Metal fulminates or aci-nitro salts
Image ch4fu14.jpg
Fluorodinitromethyl compounds
Image ch4fu15.jpg
N-Metal derivatives
Image ch4fu16.jpg
N-Nitroso compounds
Image ch4fu17.jpg
N-Nitro compounds
Image ch4fu18.jpg
Azo compounds
Image ch4fu19.jpg
Image ch4fu20.jpg
Arenediazo aryl sulfides
Image ch4fu21.jpg
Bis-arenediazo oxides
Image ch4fu22.jpg
Bis-arenediazo sulfides
Image ch4fu23.jpg
Trizazenes (R = H, —CN, -OH, —NO)
Image ch4fu24.jpg
High-nitrogen compounds, tetrazoles
Image ch4fu25.jpg
Image ch4fu26.jpg
Image ch4fu27.jpg
Peroxides (cyclic, diacyl, dialkyl)
Image ch4fu28.jpg
Image ch4fu29.jpg
Metal peroxides, peroxoacid salts
Image ch4fu30.jpg
Image ch4fu31.jpg
Aminechromium peroxocomplexes
Image ch4fu32.jpg
Azides (acyl, halogen, nonmetal, organic)
Image ch4fu33.jpg
Diazoniumsulfides and derivatives, “xanthates”
Image ch4fu34.jpg
Hydrazinium salts, oxosalts of nitrogenous bases
Image ch4fu35.jpg
Hydroxylammonium salts
Image ch4fu36.jpg
Diazonium carboxylates or salts
Image ch4fu37.jpg
Aminemetal oxosalts
Image ch4fu38.jpg
Image ch4fu39.jpg
Halogen azides,
N-halogen compounds,
Image ch4fu40.jpg
Difluoroamino compounds
Image ch4fu41.jpg
Alkyl perchlorates, chlorite salts, halogen oxides, hypohalites, perchloric acid, perchloryl compounds

SOURCE: Carson and Mumford (2002). Reprinted from Hazardous Chemicals Handbook (Second Edition), Carson, P. and Mumford, C. “Reactive Chemicals”, p. 228, Copyright 2002, with permission from Elsevier.

From: 4, Evaluating Hazards and Assessing Risks in the Laboratory

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