Coronal Plane: Section 63 - Tracing.

Coronal Plane: Section 63 - Tracing

10N, dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve; 10n, vagus nerve; 12N, hypoglossal nucleus; 12n, root of hypoglossal nerve; Amb, ambiguus nucleus; Cb5, cerebellar lobule 5; Cb6, cerebellar lobule 6; Cb8, cerebellar lobule 8; Cb9, cerebellar lobule 9; DPFl, dorsal paraflocculus; Fl, flocculus; icp, inferior cerebellar peduncle (restiform body); Int, interposed cerebellar nucleus; IO, inferior olive; Lat, lateral (dentate) cerebellar nucleus; LRt, lateral reticular nucleus; Med, medial (fastigial) cerebellar nucleus; mlf, medial longitudinal fasciculus; PPFl, posterior paraflocculus; py, pyramidal tract; RP, nucleus raphe pallidus; Sim, simple lobule; Sol, solitary nucleus; Sp5, spinal trigeminal nucleus; sp5, spinal trigeminal tract; VeN, vestibular nuclei.

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