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Gartlehner G, Hansen RA, Reichenpfader U, et al. Drug Class Review: Second-Generation Antidepressants: Final Update 5 Report [Internet]. Portland (OR): Oregon Health & Science University; 2011 Mar.

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Drug Class Review: Second-Generation Antidepressants: Final Update 5 Report [Internet].

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Appendix GAbbreviation Guide

Abbreviation usedTerm
ACTActive-control trial
AEAdverse event
ANCOVAAnalysis of covariance
ANOVAAnalysis of variance
BDI IIBeck Depression Inventory II
Beck’s SSIScale for Suicide Ideation
bidTwice daily
BMIBody mass index
BQOLBattelle Quality of Life Measure
CAPSClinician Administered PTSD Scale
CASClinical Anxiety Scale
CCEICrown Crisp Experiential Index
CCTControlled clinical trial
CDRSCornell Dysthymia Rating Scale
CGIClinical Global Impressions
CGI – SClinical Global Impressions Severity Scale
CGI –IClinical Global Impressions Improvement Scale
CIConfidence interval (reported in the following format: 95% CI, xx to xx)
CISClinical Interview Schedule
CNSCentral nervous system
CRControlled release
CVSCardiovascular system
DSM – IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, version IV
EFEjection fraction
ERExtended release
ESRSExtrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale
FDAUS Food and Drug Administration
FSQFunctional Status Questionnaire
GHQGeneral Health Questionnaire
GPGeneral practitioner
HADHospital Anxiety and Depression Rating Scale
HADRSHamilton Depression Rating Scale
HAM – AHamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety
HAM – DHamilton Rating Scale for Depression
HDL-CHigh density lipoprotein cholesterol
HMO HRHealth maintenance organization Hazard ratio
HRQOLHealth related quality-of-life
ICD-10International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision
ICD-9International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision
IDASIrritability, depression, and anxiety scale
IDS CInventory for Depressive Symptomatology - Clinician Rated
IDS SRInventory for Depressive Symptomatology – Self Rated
IRImmediate release
LALong acting
LDL-CLow-density lipoprotein cholesterol
LOCFLast Observation Carried Forward
LS meansLeast squares means
MADRSMontgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale
MANCOVAMultivariate analysis of covariance
MMSEMini Mental State Examination
MOCIMaudsley Obsessive Compulsive Inventory
NSample size (entire sample)
nSubgroup sample size
NANot applicable
NRNot reported
NSNot significant
NSDNo significant difference
OROdds ratio
PP value (uppercase and italicized, ie P=0189)
PASPanic and Agoraphobia Scale
PCTPlacebo-controlled trial
PGISPatient Global Improvement Scale
PPYPer person year
PRIME MDPrimary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorder
PSEPresent State Examination
qdOnce daily
QLDSQuality of Life in Depression Scale
QLSQQuality of Life Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire
RCISRevised Clinical Interview Schedule—Shona Version
RCTRandomized controlled trial
RRRelative risk
SADSSchedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia
SCAGSandoz Clinical Assessment Geriatric Scale
SCIDStructured Clinical Interview for DSM III Revised
SCL 25Hopkins Symptom Checklist 25 item version
SDStandard deviation
SDSSheehan Disability Scale
SDSSelf rating Depression Scale
SEStandard error
SF-36Medical Outcomes Study Health Survey - Short Form 36
SIGH SADStructured Interview Guide for the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, Seasonal Affective Disorders Version
SIPSickness Impact Profile
SLTShopping List Task
SRSustained release
SSQShona Symptom Questionnaire
tidThree times daily
VASVisual analog scale
vsCompared with (versus)
XRExtended release
Y-BOCSYale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale
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