FIGURE 11. Innervations of skeletal muscle.


Innervations of skeletal muscle. Localization of NADPH-d and nNOS on motor end plates (MEPs) in the human esophagus: NADPH-d (A; arrows) and nNOS (B, C; long arrow) reactive varicose enteric nerve fibers were seen an AChE (A; arrowhead) and alpha BT (B; arrowhead) positive MEPs. In addition to the neuronal staining, muscle fibers show moderate nNOS immunoreactivity on the sarcolemma (B, C; short arrows) and the alpha BT positive postsynaptic side (B–E), which stained also for NADPH-d (D–F: arrows). Conventional (A, D–F) and confocal images (B, C single optical section demonstrated as double (B) and single channel image (C) of the same end plate) (bars = 10 μm) (from Kallmunzer et al., Neurogastroenterol Motil 2008;20:597–610).

From: Extrinsic Innervation: Parasympathetic and Sympathetic

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