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Study Statistics (With Kadowaki)

StudyWMD [95% Conf. Interval]% Weight
Buse, 2004−0.300−1.1320.53219.28
DeFronzo, 2005−1.300−2.280−0.32017.27
Kendall, 2005−0.700−1.254−0.14623.13
Moretto, 2008−1.400−2.232−0.56819.28
Kadowaki, 20090.500−0.2071.20721.03
D+L pooled WMD−0.609−1.2760.058100.00

Heterogeneity chi-squared = 15.37 (d.f. = 4) P=0.004

I-squared (variation in WMD attributable to heterogeneity) = 74.0%

Estimate of between-study variance Tau-squared = 0.4212

Test of WMD=0 : z= 1.79 P=0.074

From: Appendix E, Meta-analyses

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Drug Class Review: Newer Diabetes Medications, TZDs, and Combinations: Final Original Report [Internet].
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