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Table 31Change in HbA1c for pioglitazone compared with metformin in adults with type 2 diabetes

Author, year
InterventionHbA1c (%)change from baseline (mean, SD) for pioglitazoneHbA1c change from baseline (mean, SD) for active controlP value of between- group difference
Kato 2009140Pio 15 mg daily
Metformin 500 mg daily
−1.05 (NR)−0.83 (NR)NSD
Kusaka 2008136
Pio 15 mg daily (women); 30 mg daily (men)
Metformin 750 mg daily
−1.1 (NR)−1.0 (NR)NR
Perez, 2009139Pio 30mg daily
Metformin 1700 daily
−0.96 (NR)−0.99 (NR)NSD
Schernthaner 2004137
Pio 30–45 mg daily
Metformin 850–2,550 mg daily
−1.41 (0.04)−1.50 (0.04)NSD
Sharma 2006132
Pio 15–30 mg daily
Metformin 1000–2000 mg daily
−0.42 (NR)−0.47 (NR)0.43
Van der Meer 2009138
Pio 30 mg daily
Metformin 2,000 mg daily
−0.6 (NR)−0.7 (NR)0.146
Yamanouchi 2005135
Pio 30–45 mg daily
Metformin 750 mg daily
−2.3 (NR)−2.1 (NR)NSD
Fair 3
Good 2
Pio: 15–45 mg daily
Metformin: 750–2,550 mg daily
−2.3 to −0.42−2.1 to −0.47

Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; NR, not reported; NSD, no significant difference; Pio, pioglitazone; SE, standard error; SD, standard deviation.

From: Results

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