Table 2Characteristics of patients who leave the hospital against medical advice (AMA) compared to all other patients, 2007

Hospital stays in which patients leave the hospital AMAAll other hospital stays*
Mean age, years46.158.3
Age (rate per 1,000 population)
 1–17 years0.121.2
 18–44 years1.546.9
 45–64 years1.8118.6
 65 and older years1.4345.7
Gender (rate per 1,000 population)
Location of patient residence (rate per 1,000 population)
 Large urban core1.893.7
 Large urban fringe (suburbs)1.087.9
 Small urban0.887.6
Median household income (rate per 1,000 population)
 Highest income communities (Quartile 4)0.777.0
 Upper-middle income Communities0.990.0
 Lower-middle income communities1.297.9
 Lowest income communities (Quartile 1)1.9115.3
Region (rate per 1,000 population)

Notes: Hospital stays for newborns and maternal childbirth have been excluded.

Age data are not presented for the less than 1 age group as this group is largely comprised of newborns.

“Lowest income communities” included hospital stays with a median household income of the patient’s ZIP Code of residence of less than $39,000. About 2.5 percent of median community-level income data were missing on HCUP NIS records.

Source: AHRQ, Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Nationwide Inpatient Sample, 2007. Denominator data for rates were based on Claritas Population Estimates, 2007

From: Hospitalizations in which Patients Leave the Hospital against Medical Advice (AMA), 2007

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