Body Weight (kg), Brain Weight (g), Percent Body Fat (%), Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR; kcal/day), and Percent of RMR Allocated to Brain Metabolism (BrMet, %) for Humans from Birth to Adulthood

AgeBody Weight (kg)Brain Weight (g)Body Fat (%)RMR (kcal/day)BrMet (%)
New born3.54751616187
3 months5.56502230064
18 months11.010452559053
5 years19.012351583044
10 years31.0135015116034
Adult male70.0140011180023
Adult female50.0136020148027

All data are from Holliday (1986), except for percent body fat data for children 18 months and younger, which are from Dewey et al. (1993).

From: Chapter 1, Evolutionary Perspectives on Fat Ingestion and Metabolism in Humans

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