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FIGURE 5.1. Effect of GalR2 mutation on open field exploration.


Effect of GalR2 mutation on open field exploration. There were no significant genotype differences on horizontal activity or total distance traveled (p > 0.05). Males were significantly more active than females on horizontal activity and distance traveled (all p comparisons < 0.01). Examination of open field center time as a preliminary screen for anxiety-like behavior revealed no sex differences, thus data from males and females were combined. GalR2 −/− spent less time exploring the center of the open field than their wild type littermates (p = 0.0714), although this trend did not reach significance. N = 22 +/+, 23 +/−, 17 −/−. Data are shown as mean + standard error of the mean. Source: Reprinted from Bailey, Pavlova, Rohde, Hohmann, and Crawley. 2007. Galanin receptor subtype 2 (GalR2) null mutant mice display an anxiogenic-like phenotype specific to the elevated plus-maze. Pharmacol. Biochem. and Behav. 86:13, with permission from Elsevier.

From: Chapter 5, Anxiety-Related Behaviors in Mice

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