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Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake; Henney JE, Taylor CL, Boon CS, editors. Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake in the United States. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2010.

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Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake in the United States.

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Appendix LPublic Information-Gathering Workshop Agenda


Institute of Medicine

Food and Nutrition Board

Venable Conference Center, Room E11200 (8th floor)

575 7th Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20004

March 30, 2009

8:30 a.m.Welcome and Overview of Committee Tasks
Jane Henney, MD, Chair
SESSION 1:Sodium: Taste Perception and Technological Innovations
Moderator: Gary Beauchamp, Ph.D., Committee Member
8:40Sodium Taste Perception
Paul A.S. Breslin, Ph.D., Monell Chemical Senses Center and Rutgers University Department of Nutritional Sciences
8:55Technological Innovations for Reducing Sodium in Foods
Cindy Beeren, Ph.D., Sensory and Consumer Science, Leatherhead Food International
9:10Committee Discussion with Presenters
SESSION 2:Consumer Interface: Public Health Interventions Over Time and Current Consumer Perspectives
Moderator: Glorian Sorensen, Ph.D., M.P.H., Committee Member
9:30Overview of U.S. Public Health Interventions to Reduce Sodium Intake and Hypertension
Ed Roccella, Ph.D., M.P.H., Program Coordinator, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health (retired)
9:40Consumer Perspectives on Sodium Intake and Reduced- Sodium Foods
Susan Borra, R.D., Executive Vice President, Managing Director for Nutrition, Food, and Wellness, Edelman
9:50Committee Discussion with Presenters
SESSION 3:Regulatory Options for Reducing Sodium Intake
Moderator: David Vladeck, J.D., LLM, Committee Member
10:25Overview of Regulatory Options
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Research Professor of Health Policy, School of Public Health, George Washington University
10:40Reactions and Discussion Panel
Fred Degnan, J.D., Partner, King and Spalding
Philip Derfler, J.D., Assistant Administrator of the Office of Policy and Program Development, Food Safety and Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Michael R. Taylor, J.D., Research Professor of Health Policy, School of Public Health, George Washington University
10:55Committee Discussion with Presenters
SESSION 4:Surveillance and Monitoring
Moderator: Ronette Briefel, Dr.P.H., R.D., Committee Member
11:20Challenges in Biological Measures and Survey Methodologies
Cliff Johnson, M.S.P.H., Director of the Division of Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
11:30Challenges in Developing and Maintaining Food Composition Tables for Sodium
Alanna Moshfegh, M.S., R.D., Research Leader and Supervisory Nutritionist, Food Surveys Research Group, U.S. Department of Agriculture
11:40Contributions of Specific Food Categories to Current Sodium Intake
Eric Hentges, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Life Sciences Institute
11:50Committee Discussion with Presenters
12:00 p.m.Lunch on Your Own
SESSION 5:The United Kingdom Experience in Reducing Sodium Intake
Moderator: Beth Yetley, Ph.D., Committee Member
1:00Overview of Food Standards Agency Campaign to Reduce Salt Consumption
Corinne Vaughan, Deputy Head of Nutrition Division, Food Standards Agency
1:20Lessons Learned from the Salt Campaign—A Retailer’s Perspective
Vanessa Hattersley, Company Nutritionist, ASDA
1:30Lessons Learned from the Salt Campaign—A Food Processor’s Perspective
Ed Fern, Ph.D., Head of Corporate Nutrition, Nestlé
1:40Committee Discussion with Presenters
SESSION 6:Perspectives of the Food Industry and Food Service
Moderator: John Ruff, M.A., Committee Member
2:10Perspectives from the Food Processing Industry—Campbell Soup
Chor San Khoo, Ph.D., Vice President of Global Nutrition and Health, Campbell Soup Company
2:25Perspectives from the Food Processing Industry—Kraft Foods
Todd Abraham, Ph.D., Vice President of Global Nutrition, Kraft Foods
2:35Perspectives from the Food Processing Industry—Unilever
Douglas Balentine, Ph.D., Director of Nutrition Sciences for the Americas, Unilever
2:45Perspectives from the Food Service Industry—Compass Group
Deanne Brandstetter, M.B.A., R.D., Vice President of Nutrition and Wellness, Compass Group North America
2:55Perspectives from the Food Service Industry—Burger King
Stephanie Rohm Quirantes, M.S., R.D., L.D./N., Nutrition Manager, North America, Burger King
3:05Perspectives from the Food Service Industry—National Restaurant Association
Elizabeth Johnson, M.S., R.D., Executive Vice President for Public Affairs, National Restaurant Association
3:15Committee Discussion with Presenters
SESSION 7:Three-Minute Comments from Stakeholders
Moderator: Jane Henney, M.D., Committee Chair

Stakeholders Registered to Make Comments as of March 10, 2009:

The Salt Institute (Morton Satin)
The Truthful Labeling Coalition (Charles Hansen III)
Center for Science in the Public Interest (Michael Jacobson)
Grocery Manufacturers Association (Robert Earl)
American Heart Association (Frank Sacks)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Darwin Labarthe)
Institute of Food Technologists (Sara Olhourst)
Copyright © 2010, National Academy of Sciences.
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