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Cover of Preoperative Tests

Preoperative Tests

The Use of Routine Preoperative Tests for Elective Surgery

NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 3



The guideline is aimed mainly at secondary care, but may have relevance to some tests carried out or ordered in primary care. The preoperative tests considered are for the preoperative assessment of patients classified as ASA grade 1 (adults and children) and ASA grades 2 and 3 (adults only) undergoing elective surgery. The preoperative tests to be considered were agreed at scoping meetings with the Guieline Development Group and include: chest x-ray, resting ECG, full blood count, haemostasis tests, renal function tests, blood glucose test, urine 'dipstick' test, sickle cell test, pregnancy test, blood gases (phase B only), pulmonary function tests (phase B only) .


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