Fig. 58.3. Complete genome map of SVV.

Fig. 58.3

Complete genome map of SVV. The unique long segment (UL) of the genome is flanked by 64-bp of inverted repeats (TRL and IRL). The left end of the SVV genome contains 665 bp segment that contains 506 bp of unique sequence flanked on either side by 79 bp inverted repeats; part of this inverted repeat sequence (64 bp) is present at the junction of the long and short segments (IRL) of the virus genome. The unique short segment (US) is flanked by 7557-bp of inverted repeats (IRS and TRS). Arrows indicate the direction and location of the 73 SVV ORFS corresponding to the nomenclature conventions of VZV. Black boxes indicate the repeated sequences (R1, R2, R3, and R4). The putative origins of DNA replication (oris) are shown. (Reprinted with permission of Virology.)

From: Chapter 58, Simian varicella virus

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