Fig. 27.4. EBV latency type Ⅱ.

Fig. 27.4

EBV latency type Ⅱ. Left panel shows (a) Expression of EBERs, (b) EBNA1 and (c) LMP1, in the tumor cells of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). LMP1 expression is not a regular feature of these tumors. LMP2 protein has not yet been reported in NPC tumors, despite the detection of LMP2 RNA. Right panel shows EBV gene expression in the rare tumor cells of (HRS cells) Hodgkin’s lymphoma. (d) EBERs, (e) LMP1 and (f) LMP2. EBNA1 protein is also detectable in the majority of cases (not shown). In contrast to NPC, both LMP1 and LMP2 protein are almost always detectable in EBV-infected HRS cells. (See color plate section.)

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From: Chapter 27, EBV gene expression and regulation

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