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Fig. 28.4. Splicing pattern of latency-associated and neighboring transcripts.

Fig. 28.4

Splicing pattern of latency-associated and neighboring transcripts. Two main transcripts, LT1 and LT2, and an additional minor transcript are directed by a latent promoter (horizontally striped box) and are translated to yield LANA1, vCYC and vFLIP. An additional latent promoter located in the 3′ end of the orf73/LANA1 gene (horizontally striped box) directs the expression of a bicistronic mRNA for vcyc and vFLIP. Both latent promoters also direct the expression of the kaposins and the viral miRNAs (see Fig. 29.8). In addition, expression of orf73/LANA1 can also be directed by a lytic promoter (vertically striped box). Overlapping with an intron spliced out of these transcripts is the promoter directing a bicistronic mRNA for ORFK14 and vGPCR. Numbering at the top refers to the position of splice donors and acceptors.

From: Chapter 28, KSHV gene expression and regulation

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