Table 7

Pain-free at 2 hours in placebo-controlled trials: Pooled relative risk and number needed to treat for conventional and reformulated sumatriptan

Sumatriptan 100 mg% sumatriptan group pain- free at 2 hr (n/N)% placebo group pain- free at 2 hr (n/N)Relative risk of 2 hr pain-free (95% confidence interval)Number needed to treatHeterogeneity: Q (degrees of freedom), P
Conventional30% (437/1478 )8% (57/696)3.30 (2.51 to 4.34)47.36 (7)
Reformulated47% (426/902)15% (137/892)3.13 (2.09 to 4.68)35.38 (1)

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