Comparison of XSLT pipelining methods

Different approaches to implementing pipelines (sequences of transformations on a single data source) have different affordances on your system. Are you comfortable with a command line? Do you need to create intermediate files on disk, or avoid doing so? How often do you need to alter your setup? What are your users and development team already comfortable with?

Pipelining methodPortabilityPerformanceFamiliarityEase of useEase of maintenance
Batch files or scriptsNonePoorGoodGoodVariable
XML shell utilitySomeGoodMaybeVariableVariable
AntGood (Java)PoorMaybeVariableGood
SaxonGood (Java)ExcellentGood (XSLT)GoodGood

From: Fitting the Journal Publishing 3.0 Preview Stylesheets to Your Needs: Capabilities and Customizations

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