TABLE 5-4List of Human Pathogens Which Have Successfully Crossed the Species Barrier and Proved Capable of Epidemic Spread and, in Some Cases, Endemic Persistence in Human Populations

The Original Hosts Have Been Identified with Varying Degrees of Certainty.

PathogenDiseaseOriginal Hosts
Corynebacterium diphtheriaeDiphtheriaDomestic herbivores?
Dengue fever virusDengue feverOld World primates
Hepatitis B virusHepatitis BApes
HIV-2AIDSSooty mangabey
Influenza A virusInfluenzaWildfowl
Measles virusMeaslesSheep/goat
Mumps virusMumpsMammals (pigs?)
Plasmodium falciparumMalariaBirds?
Plasmodium vivaxMalariaAsian macaques
Rickettsia prowazeckiiTyphusRodents
SARS coronavirusSARSBats/palm civets
Trypanosoma brucei subspp.Sleeping sicknessWild ruminants
Variola virusSmallpoxRuminants (camels?)
Yellow fever virusYellow feverAfrican primates
Yersinia pestisPlagueRodents

From: 5, Infectious Disease Emergence: Past, Present, and Future

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