Session II: Infectious Issues—Moderator: Stephen Morse
3:15Overview; Frederick Murphy
3:45Emerging Pathogens; Stephen Morse
4:20Risk Assessment; Jonathan Richmond
4:30Infectious Risk and Risk Assessment; Jonathan Allan Jay A. Fishman
Monday, June 26
8:30 a.m.Specific Pathogen-Free Environments and Nonhuman Primates; Michael Keeling
8:40Specific Pathogen-Free Environments and Swine; Michael Swindle
8:50Panel Discussion; (all speakers)
10:30Applications to Humans; Moderator: Marian Michaels
11:00Surveillance and Public Health; Louisa Chapman

From: A, Workshop Agenda

Cover of Xenotransplantation
Xenotransplantation: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy.
Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Xenograft Transplantation: Ethical Issues and Public Policy.
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