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Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Xenograft Transplantation: Ethical Issues and Public Policy. Xenotransplantation: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 1996.

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Xenotransplantation: Science, Ethics, and Public Policy.

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AWorkshop Agenda

Xenograft Transplantation: Science, Ethics, And Public Policy

June 25-27, 1995

Bethesda Hyatt Regency Hotel—Crystal Ballroom

1 Bethesda Metro Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Sunday, June 25

9:30 a.m.Welcome and Introduction; Kenneth I. Shine, IOM President; Karen Hein, IOM Executive Officer; Norman Levinsky, Committee Chair
Session I: Assessing the Science Base
9:45Moderator's overview of session; Keith Reemtsma
10:00Immunology: The Early Responses; Jeffrey Platt
10:15Immunology: The Long-Term Responses; Thomas Starzl
10:30Issues; Olga Jonasson
11:00Potential Therapeutic Approaches; Moderator: Denise Faustman
Genetic Engineering Overview; Denise Faustman
11:15Transgenic and Knockout; Beverly Koller
11:30Transgenic Pigs; Steven Squinto
12:15 p.m.LUNCH BREAK
1:00Recipient Modification; Cellular Modification/Chimerism; Suzanne Ildstad
1:15Nonmodification; Camillo Ricordi
1:30Immunosuppression; Barry Kahan
1:45Respondents and Discussion; David K.C. Cooper Ali Naji
2:15Panel Status of Human Trials; Moderator: Nancy Ascher
David L. Cooper Keith Reemstma David Sharp
Session II: Infectious Issues—Moderator: Stephen Morse
3:15Overview; Frederick Murphy
3:45Emerging Pathogens; Stephen Morse
4:20Risk Assessment; Jonathan Richmond
4:30Infectious Risk and Risk Assessment; Jonathan Allan Jay A. Fishman
Monday, June 26
8:30 a.m.Specific Pathogen-Free Environments and Nonhuman Primates; Michael Keeling
8:40Specific Pathogen-Free Environments and Swine; Michael Swindle
8:50Panel Discussion; (all speakers)
10:30Applications to Humans; Moderator: Marian Michaels
11:00Surveillance and Public Health; Louisa Chapman
11:30Detection Methods; David Persing
1:00 p.m.Panel Discussion (all speakers); Respondents: Jonathan Allan, Steven Deeks
Session III: Ethics and Public Policy
Moderator: Harold Vanderpool
2:00Social and Political Issues; Moderator: David Rothman
Addressing Questions Raised by Xenograft Transplantation; Renee Fox
Commentary and Response; David Rothman Stuart Youngner
3:30Economics and Allocation of Organs and Tissues
Economic Impact of Xenograft Transplantation: Lessons from Heart Transplantation; Roger Evans
3:50Macroeconomic Aspects of Xenograft Transplantation; Paul Menzel
4:10Who Gets Which Organs? Questions of Justice; James Bowman
4:45Clinical Trials Panel Discussion; Moderator: Clive Callender
Robert Arnold James Bowman Rebecca Dresser Stuart Youngner
Tuesday, June 27
8:30 a.m.Value and Use of Animals Panel Moderator: Ralph Dell
Susan Leaderer Justin Leiber Andrew Rowan James Walters
9:45Issues for Regulatory Review; Moderator: Robert Burt
Richard Merrill
10:45The Patients' Views Panel; Moderator: John Robinson (counselor)
Gloria B. Liver transplant patient Brenda L. Project Inform Calvin W. Multiple transplant patient, and his mother, Evelyn W. Len K. Potential kidney transplant patient
12:15 p.m.Wrap-Up; Norman Levinsky and Session Chairs

Speakers And Panelists

Jonathan Allan, D.V.M. Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research Department of Virology and Immunology San Antonio, TX

Robert Arnold, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Pittsburgh, PA

James Bowman, M.D. Professor Emeritus Department of Pathology, Medicine, and Committee on Genetics University of Chicago Chicago, IL

Gloria Brooks Fort Washington, MD

Louisa Chapman, M.D. Medical Epidemiologist National Center for Infectious Diseases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA

David K.C. Cooper, M.D., Ph.D. Oklahoma Transplantation Institute Baptist Medical Center of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK

David L. Cooper, Ph.D., M.D. Associate Professor of Pathology Department of Pathology University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

Steven Deeks, M.D. Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine San Francisco General Hospital San Francisco, CA

Rebecca Dresser, J.D. The Law School Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH

Jay A. Fishman, M.D. Chief, Clinical Transplant Infectious Disease Unit Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA

Suzanne Ildstad, M.D. Professor of Surgery University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

Olga Jonasson, M.D. Director, Education and Surgical Services American College of Surgeons Chicago, Ill

Barry Kahan, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Immunology and Organ Transplants University of Texas Houston, TX

Michale Keeling, D.V.M. Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery University of Texas Cancer Center Bastrop, TX

Len Koch The Health, Safety and Research Alliance of New York State New York, NY

Beverly Koller, Ph.D. Department of Medicine University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC

Susan E. Lederer, Ph.D. Associate Professor Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Hershey, PA

Justin Leiber, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Department of Philosophy University of Houston Houston, TX

Brenda Lein Project Inform San Francisco, CA

Paul T. Menzel, Ph.D. Interim Provost Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, WA

Richard A. Merrill, L.L.B. Daniel Caplin Professor of Law University of Virginia School of Law Charlottesville, VA

Frederick Murphy, D.V.M., Ph.D. Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine University of California Davis, CA

Ali Naji, M.D. Professor of Surgery The University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA

David H. Persing, M.D., Ph.D. Director Molecular Microbiology Laboratory Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN

Jeffrey L. Platt, M.D. Professor, Department of Surgery Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC

Jonathan Y. Richmond, Ph.D. Director, Office of Health and Safety Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, GA

Camillo Ricordi, M.D. Professor of Surgery Chief, Division of Cellular Transplantation University of Miami School of Medicine Miami, FL

John D. Robinson, Ed.D., MPH Chief, Interdepartmental Treatment Programs Department of Psychiatry Howard University Hospital Washington, DC

Andrew Rowan, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Environmental Studies Center for Animals and Public Policy Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine North Grafton, MA

David W. Scharp, M.D. Chief Scientific Officer Neocrin Company Irvine, CA

Steven Squinto, Ph.D. Vice-President of Research and Molecular Sciences Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. New Haven, CT

Thomas Starzl, M.D. Professor of Surgery Director Pittsburgh Transplantation Institute University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

M. Michael Swindle, D.V.M. Director, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources Professor and Chairman Department of Comparative Medicine Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, SC

James Walters, Ph.D. Professor of Christian Ethics Loma Linda University Claremont, CA

Mr. Calvin Wilkins Rumsey Island, MD

Mrs. Evelyn Wilkins Rumsey Island, MD

Stuart Youngner, M.D. Department of Medicine University Hospitals Cleveland, OH

Copyright © 1996, National Academy of Sciences.
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