Exhibit 6Excluded publications: Ergot trials

Excluded publicationReason for exclusion
Agnoli, Bussone, Manzoni, et al. (1989)Abstract reporting preliminary results from trial described more fully in Agnoli, Bussone, Mailland, et al. (1991); added no new information.
Demarez, Darbeau, and Cauquil (1987)Abstract reporting on the trial described more fully in Neuman, Demarez, Harmey, et al. (1986). While the full report described 1-month results only, the abstract reported some 2-month efficacy data for the active treatment group; however, no 2-month results were reported for the comparator group (placebo).
Stensrud, Skaug, and Sjaastad (1971)Placebo-controlled trial of investigational drug (MY-25 = 1-methyl-ergotamine-bitartrate) that was never brought to market.
Stieg (1977)Trial included both migraine and tension-type headache patients (n’s not reported); no separate results were reported for migraine patients.

From: Technical Review

Cover of Drug Treatments for the Prevention of Migraine Headache
Drug Treatments for the Prevention of Migraine Headache.
Technical Reviews, No. 2.3.
Gray RN, Goslin RE, McCrory DC, et al.

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