Box S.2Categories of Evaluation Questions for Comparing Telemedicine to Alternative Health Services

  1. What were the effects of the application on the clinical process of care compared to the alternative(s)?
  2. What were the effects of the application on patient status or health outcomes compared to the alternative(s)?
  3. What were the effects of the application on access compared to the alternative(s)?
  4. What were the costs of the application for patients, private or public payers, providers, and other affected parties compared to the alternative(s)?
  5. How did patients, clinicians, and other relevant parties view the application and were they satisfied with the application compared to the alternative(s)?

NOTE: Each question assumes that results will be analyzed controlling for or taking into account severity of illness, comorbidities, demographic characteristics, and other relevant factors.

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Telemedicine: A Guide to Assessing Telecommunications in Health Care.
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