Box S.1Elements of an Evaluation Plan

Project description and research question(s): the application or program to be evaluated and the basic questions to be answered by the evaluation.

Strategic objectives: how the project is intended to serve the sponsor or parent organization's purposes.

Clinical objectives: how the telemedicine project is intended to affect individual or population health by changing the quality, accessibility, or cost of care.

Business plan or project management plan: a formal statement of how the evaluation will help decisionmakers judge whether and when the application will be a financially and otherwise sustainable enterprise or, less formally, what the project's management, work plan, schedule, and budget will be.

Level and perspective of evaluation: whether the focus of the research question(s) and objectives is clinical, institutional, societal, or some combination.

Research design and analysis plan: the strategy and steps for developing valid comparative information and analyzing it.

Experimental and comparison groups: characteristics of (a) the group or groups that will be involved in testing the target telemedicine application and (b) the group or groups that will receive alternative services for purposes of comparison.

Technical, clinical, and administrative processes: as planned and actually implemented, the communications and information systems, the methods for providing medical care, and the supportive organizational processes.

Measurable outcomes: the variables and the data to be collected to determine whether the project is meeting its clinical and strategic objectives.

Sensitivity analysis: the inclusion of techniques to assess to what extent conclusions may change if assumptions or values of key variables changed.

Documentation: the explicit reporting of the methods employed in the evaluation and the findings so that others can determine how the results were established.

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