BSearch Questions

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Pre-Search Questions

  1. Please check the ONE category below that best describes you:
    ___Primary health care professional
    ___Health professional specializing in occupational/environmental health
    ___Emergency medicine or poison control specialist
    ___Health sciences librarian
    ___Environmental health researcher or scientist
    ___Patient or community organization member
    ___Local, state, or federal public health professional
    ___Other (please specify)
  2. Your age___
  3. How would you describe your level of experience with the Internet?
  4. Please indicate your online searching experience.
    ___No online searching
    ___General World Wide Web search engines (e.g., Yahoo, Alta Vista)
    ___MEDLINE primarily but occasionally other online databases
    ___MEDLINE only
    ___Numerous online databases
  5. If you use databases to locate toxicological and environmental health information, which ones do you use? Please check all that apply.
    ___I haven't used databases to find toxicological/environmental health information
    ___MEDLINE through Internet Grateful Med
    ___MEDLINE through PubMed
    ___MEDLINE through other sources
       TOXNET databases:
    ___Other (please specify)___________________
  6. Please check the main ways you use toxicological/environmental health information. Please check all that apply.
    ___Patient care
    ___Clinical research
    ___Policy decisions
    ___Basic research
    ___Risk analysis
    ___Worker safety
    ___Retrieve information for others (e.g., library searching)
    ___Concerns about my family's health
    ___Concerns about my health
    ___Conditions in my workplace
    ___School work
    ___Conditions in my area/neighborhood
    ___Other (please specify)__________________

Search Scenarios

Please conduct searches of the new interface to answer questions 1 and 2 below. Also conduct a third search using a toxicology/environmental question of your own choosing. As you search, please explain to the IOM staff member what you are doing and note any problems you are experiencing or ideas you have on improving the search interface. Thanks!

  1. What is the potential for vinyl chloride to cause liver cancer in humans?
  2. What are the potential health effects of working as a dry cleaner?
  3. Your choice: Please write down your search question.

Post-Search Questions

1. The problems I experienced were (please be as specific as possible):