Table 2Second-line anti-TB drug (with pricing) available through the GLC mechanism (2007)

ProductDescriptionPills/Vials/KitsUnit Price (US$)Avg. cost per Pill/Vial/KitGDF-approved manufacturersWHO Prequal.4
Amikacin500 mg/2 mL injectable vial10$15.10$1.51Medochimie PharmaceuticalsNO
Capreomycin (A)Powder for injection - 1 gram vial1$3.21$3.21Eli LillyNO
Capreomycin (B)Powder for injection - 1 gram vial1$1.07$1.07Eli LillyNO
Cycloserine (A)250 mg capsule100$50.96$0.51MacLeods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.YES
Cycloserine (B)250 mg capsule100$14.12$0.14Eli LillyNO
Ethionamide250 mg tablet100$10.21$0.10MacLeods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.YES
KanamycinPowder for injection - 1 gram vial50$26.50$0.53PanpharmaNO
Levofloxacin 250250 mg tablet100$4.00$0.05MacLeods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NO
Levofloxacin 500500 mg tablet100$6.98$0.07MacLeods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NO
Ofloxacin200 mg tablet100$3.49$0.03MacLeods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NO
PASER4 gram granules sachet30$59.10$1.97Jacobus Pharma Company Ltd.NO
Prothionamide250 mg tablet100$16.00$0.16Fatol ArzneimitelNO
Moxifloxacin154400 mg tablet1$5.93$5.93Bayer PharmaceuticalsNO

Source: Stop TB 155


Although these drugs have not completed the process for prequalification through the WHO, they are approved by stringent drug authorities, and can therefore be offered for sale by the GDF.

From: C, Partners In Health White Paper—Stemming the Tide of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Major Barriers to Addressing the Growing Epidemic

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