Data table for Figure 22Personal health care expenditures, by source of funds: United States, 1990–2007

Source of funds1990199119921993199419951996199719981999
Amount in billions
Total personal health care expenditures$608$669$726$774$814$863$910$959$1,010$1,068
Private funds371398423441452477501533575612
 Out-of-pocket payments136140143145143146152162175184
 Private health insurance205225243257270286302320344371
Public funds236271303333362387409426435456
 Federal funds173200228252274296316329332346
  Medicaid including CHIP and CHIP expansion405465737882889193101
 State and local funds6370758188919397103109
  Medicaid including CHIP and CHIP expansion29353843495457606570
Deflator (2000 = 100.0)
Personal health care implicit price deflator70.474.478.381.984.987.890.492.394.396.8
Adjusted amount in billions
Adjusted dollars (2000 base)$863$899$927$945$959$983$1,007$1,039$1,071$1,103
Average annual percent change
Source of funds 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 1990–1999 2000–2007 1990–2007
Amount in billions
Total personal health care expenditures$1,139$1,238$1,340$1,448$1,550$1,655$1,765$1,8786.57.46.9
Private funds6526977528108609159671,0285.76.76.2
 Out-of-pocket payments1932002112252352472552693.44.94.1
 Private health insurance4034414825215615996386806.87.87.3
Public funds4875415896386907407998517.68.37.8
Federal funds3704124484865285636216638.08.78.2
 Medicaid including CHIP and CHIP expansion11012313714916016516117210.86.69.0
State and local funds1171301401511621771781886.27.06.6
 Medicaid including CHIP and CHIP expansion77869410211012412413210.38.09.3
Deflator (2000 = 100.0)
Personal health care implicit price deflator100.0103.8107.8111.7116.3120.5124.6128.8. . .. . .. . .
Adjusted amount in billions
Adjusted dollars (2000 base)$1,139$1,193$1,243$1,296$1,333$1,374$1,417$1,4582.83.63.1

. . . Category not applicable.

CHIP is Children’s Health Insurance Program.

NOTES: CHIP expenditures started in 1998. The personal health care implicit price deflator was constructed from the Producer Price Index for hospital care, Nursing Home Input Price Index for nursing home care, and Consumer Price Indices specific to each of the remaining personal health care components. Expenditures by funder are not adjusted for inflation because there is no price deflator that is appropriate for this adjustment. Personal health care expenditures include all expenditures for specified health services and supplies other than expenses for government administration, net cost of private health insurance, and government public health activities.

SOURCE: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Office of the Actuary, National Health Statistics Group, National Health Expenditure Accounts. National health expenditures, 2007. Available from: http://www​​/NationalHealthExpendData/; and unpublished data.

From: Data Tables for Figures 1–36

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