Data table for Figure 14Limitation of activity caused by selected chronic health conditions among working-age adults, by age: United States, 2006–2007

18–44 years45–54 years55–64 years
Type of chronic health conditionRateSERateSERateSE
Number of persons with limitation of activity caused by selected chronic health conditions per 1,000 population
Mental illness.13.80.723.
Fractures or joint injury5.00.413.00.919.01.2
Heart or other circulatory5.70.426.51.460.82.5
Arthritis or other musculoskeletal18.60.757.
Mental retardation5.

SE is standard error.

NOTES: Data are for the civilian noninstitutionalized population. Conditions refer to response categories in the National Health Interview Survey; some conditions include several response categories. Mental illness includes depression, anxiety or emotional problem, and other mental conditions. Heart or other circulatory includes heart problem, stroke problem, hypertension or high blood pressure, and other circulatory system conditions. Arthritis or other musculoskeletal includes arthritis or rheumatism, back or neck problem, and other musculoskeletal system conditions. Mental retardation includes mental retardation and other developmental problems (e.g., cerebral palsy). Persons with more than one chronic health condition causing activity limitation were counted in each condition category. (See Appendix II, Condition; Limitation of activity.)

SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Health Interview Survey.

From: Data Tables for Figures 1–36

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