Abstract Review Form (Originally in Excel)

BAuthor, Year
COriginal research (Exclude editorials, commentaries, letters to the editor, reviews etc)
DIncludes community health worker component
EStudy published in English?
FIs this study located in the US?
GIf not in US, where?
HRCT and n ≥ 40
ICohorts with comparison and n ≥ 40
JCost or cost-benefit analysis
(“No” on one or more questions in Columns C - I)?
LName of intervention (if provided)
MRetain for - Background or discussion or review of references other….
OReviewer initials

From: Appendix B, Abstract Forms

Cover of Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions
Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 181.
Viswanathan M, Kraschnewski J, Nishikawa B, et al.

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