Table 8CHW-participant interactions for cancer screening

Author, Date of PublicationPlace of ServiceType of ServiceEducational and Other Materials ProvidedNumber of Sessions, Time per Session, and Length of Contact with ParticipantsIntensity—Low, Moderate, High
Paskett et al., 200617
Katz et al., 200718
Home and telephoneEducation and barrier-specific counseling to promote screening; scheduling assistanceIndividualized health education program2 visits at 45–60 minutes and 30–45 minutes, 2 intervening telephone calls, and a final visit (time of final visit NR) over 9 to 12 monthsHigh
Sung et al., 199761
Sung et al., 199262
HomeEducation on breast and cervical cancer, breast self-exam, educational materials on screening, facilitation to address logistical barriers to screeningVideo of Pap and breast exam; printed materials3 visits (months 1, 2, 4) over 4-month period, visits 1 and 2 for 1.5 hours each, time for visit 3 NRHigh
Dignan et al., 200515HomeBarrier-specific counseling to promote screeningTailored brochureOne-time session of 20–90 minutesModerate
Hiatt et al., 1995125Community (various locations)One-on-one support; education: contact with clients was ongoing and personalNRUnspecified # of interactions (time per interaction NR) over 2 yearsModerate
Jandorf et al., 2005106TelephoneOne-on-one support and education on screening techniques and barriers to screening; assistance scheduling proceduresNRAt least 3 telephone calls (time per call NR) over 6 monthsModerate
Mock et al., 2007109Community2 small group gatherings and individual direct contacts to help access medical services and schedule appointmentsLanguage-specific flip charts and booklets2 sessions of 90 or 120 minutes each over 3 to 4 monthsModerate
Navarro et al., 1995, 1998, 2000110–112Community12 weekly small group educational sessionsPamphlets, worksheets, posters developed for project and pamphlets from other organizations12 sessions of 90 minutes each over 3 monthsModerate
Taylor, et al., 200263Home and telephoneTailored responses to individual barriers to cervical cancer screening, clinic referral and scheduling assistance, translation services, transportation assistanceVideo, motivational pamphlet, educational brochure, fact sheet, tailored counselingOne-time visit with followup telephone call (time per interaction NR)Moderate
Wilson et al., 2008116Community—beauty salonEducation, counseling, and information on location of screening services during salon appointmentWritten materials (not described)1 visit (time of session NR)Moderate
Andersen et al., 2000103TelephoneBarrier-specific telephone counseling to promote screeningStandardized script1 interaction (time of interaction NR)Low
Campbell et al., 2004107Community—churchesProvide information through existing networks; organize and conduct at least 3 church-wide activities focused on spreading informationNR3 church-based activities during 12 months (time per session NR)Low
Derose et al., 200019
Duan et al., 200020
Derose et al., 200021
Fox et al., 1998104
Stockdale et al., 200022
TelephoneBarrier-specific telephone counseling to promote screening, discussion of resources for free- and reduced-cost mammograms, translation services, transportation, and childcare assistanceNR2 telephone calls (1 per year over 2 years), time per session 7–11 minutes on averageLow
Earp et al., 2002113CommunityPresentations to community groups and events; one-on-one conversations; use of informational/motivational materialsBrochures, posters, church fans, holiday cards2 community activities per month; one-on-one conversations once a week over a 24-month period, time per session NRLow
Erwin et al., 1997108ChurchMotivational speeches based on cancer survivor experience of CHWs, breast self-exam lessons using a breast model, discussion of resources for free- and reduced-cost mammogramsNR1 presentation, time NRLow
Sauaia et al., 200759
Welsh et al., 200560
Community (church) and homePersonal education sessions to deliver health promotion messagesNewsletterAt least bimonthly meetings (time per meeting NR) over 5 yearsLow

NR, not reported.

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Outcomes of Community Health Worker Interventions.
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